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Teaser for 'In the Pie' (Apr 2024)

"Lose Sight of Your Dreams - and you'll have nothing"

The velocity was never going to be easy, television started having sex with the radio, soon everyones head was down with thumbs out, you had better hang on for dear life. A shift in humanity and the home studio was threatening. All we knew was the way of the ancient past, you CAN'T please everyone and we never intended to be everyones cup of tea anyway. Just be "the self", unjudged and unmeasured. A walk into the subconscious where you create melody and stories that pull you back in. Times twisted like a half cyclone, and the haters got caught blue faced looking like sad oompa loompa's.

A shot rang out, a lonely sound in the night and someone older then time presented herself. Doesn't matter regards your religion, your skin colour or your sexuality ~ this was always about the music.


The Dreamkillers will be performing at the Paddington Tavern July 7th with the Midnight Devils.

New 2024 Releases!

Date Diminished

To be released May 14th, the fourth release of 2024.

In the Pie

Released April 14th, the third release of 2024.

Brown Snake

Released March 14th, the second release of 2024.

Dirty Water

Released Feb 14th, the first 'a new song every month pledge by the band to kick ass in 2024'.